Sunday, June 19, 2016


it has been 2 years since i have blogged.
i am amazed that moments of today
have become long past yesterdays.
there have been many notable memories left unrecorded
without any acknowledgement.

today is not going to be that day.

today is another special day...father's day

a few weeks ago,
i had the opportunity
to witness a great moment. 
my father was selected to receive a prestigious honor and award.

i enjoyed the ambiance and charm of sigma chi's young and old.
for a brief moment,
i felt the unity
 that existed between this distinguished group,
especially when they joined in song.
"sweetheart of sigma chi"

the dinner and conversation did not disappoint.
i reconnected with old friends and made a few new.
i listened as one gentleman spoke of worldly accomplishments
and fortunes made. 

another gentleman
developed worldwide relationships and business successes
all most impressive and worthy of recognition.

and then the words from the emcee
..."carl lind will present our final
significant sigma chi...ray hart."

carl introduced my father
as a track star from idaho falls
bearing the coveted gold outlined tooth.
the delivery of his words were timely.
poignant moments as a sig
became *shark bait
for us hooked on carl's lines.
(another story for another day)

carl was sure to mention that ray's greatest catch
was joanne garff,
the sweetheart of sigma chi,
who just happened to be seated in the bowery.

when you love your dad, like i do
you hope the presenter
will represent him well...
carl did.

my dad, dressed in university of utah colors...
crimson red and white
and with his sigma chi pin,
took to the stage.

my dad...forfeited his written notes
calling them "long and boring."
he spoke from the heart.
his heart called for the young sigs to listen up
"as i pondered what i would say,
the thoughts of why me? 
what have i done to be selected for this honor?
came to my mind.
i remembered a certain quote
i believe being a significant sig come from abiding by these word:

'the things that you do 
that you don't have to do 
will always determine what you are 
when it's too late to do anything about it'

we all have to do, go to work, pay the bills...
but it is in doing the things we don't have to do 
that determines our greatness."

a gentleman on my left obviously intrigued...
"now say that again..."

i glanced around to see so many waiting with anticipation

"the things that you do 
that you don't have to do
will always determine what you are 
when it's too late to do anything about it"

someone else asked for clarification.
my dad shared a specific example
regarding the elegant apparel 
his sweetheart of sigma chi was wearing that very night.

my dad all but went to the ends of the earth
so my mother could have something special for this event.

(it was that very story that brought a beautiful young woman...
maybe a future sweetheart of sigma chi,
over just to meet my mom and compliment her. 
all were touched by her gesture.)

on the way home, i thought
i did not have to go tonight, but i did.
how grateful i was noah was there to hear
such words of greatness
from his significant grandfather.

i could have given the sigma chi's a plethora of "do 's" 
"do 's"  that were certainly not my dad's have to's
and yet...he did them

i wish i had had the gumption to voice

"and if you do it the ray hart way
 you do  those do 's you don't have to do ,
 like it is the most important job in the world. 
you do it to the best of your ability and enjoy it to the very core."

here's a few do 's
~he sent my mom pink keds 
(part of the reason for my existence)
~he came multiple times to my school to help sort crayons and markers and
  a "post it" note pick up when the vacuum was inoperable
~surprised me with a full tank of gas more times than i can count
~took several weeks worth of laundry several times this year, just to give me a lift
~made friends with the others at the laundormat
matched socks, hung t-shirts, straightened here and there...
~funded my future
~investied in my passions
~gave my school custodian a tip
~believied in me, when no one else did
~listened to my presentations
~watched all my smile box slideshows
~put up the student artwork for culture night
~swept the leaves, the garage, the kitchen floor, the casings, the porch
~brought chick fil a soup for the night and the night after because he knows i love it
~repaired and cleaned...not one, but three vacuums
  so that it would do an acceptable job and meet his approval
~cut, assembled, bound, paid and delivered 108 mini utah booklets
  for my 4th grade students
~took the garbage out to the garbage and then to the street
~laughied at my jokes
~sent cards at every occasion
~supplied me with every help for hope of healing
~warmed my car
~always opened and continues to open the door for my mother
~scraped my windshield
~thiought that every craft i did was the world's best
~showed up to noah's practice, games, talks, presentations
~trimmed paper beaver pelts for the 4th grade rendezvous
~made sure i had flowers for parent teacher conference
~gave me blessings
~made arrangements for my temple wedding in sweden
and a honeymoon in paris
~prayed for me to find things that were insignificant for most
  but were important to me
~drove my mom weekly from idaho falls to salt lake
so they could care for noah on fridays
while i worked as an educator

~he is an optimist and a builder...a wonderful example

he has another motto,
"leave a place better than you found it."
he always does.

you don't have to be his daughter to recieve this kind of treatment
i am a keen observer.
i have seen him in his interactions.
he is just like his name
"all HEART"
i wonder what he'll
not have to do...
 but will do today?

happy father's day
mon pere

Monday, June 16, 2014


today was a special day.
emma was going to be baptized
and i was dressed, 
ready to go...
just as soon as
i picked up my couch
 from grandma garffs.
the workers that were going to assist us
were on a remodel.
suggested i step inside
to observe the progress.
he introduced me to the workers
as i made way...
i am not sure what happened,
but something did.

the blood was pooling quickly.
i became frightened.

the look on rick's face
told me
this was no small deal.
no baptism for me today.
no couch for me today.
just the emergency room.
16 excruciating pokes.
11 stitches.
1 big baby.
ME !

rick said,
i cleared out the waiting room.
the physician's assistant confirmed,
"a few asked me,
 'is everything was okay back there?'"

they heard me ????
did i really use the word 

summer break
appears to have it's own agenda.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


my sister and heroine,
was blessed in the calling of seminary teacher.
no doubt,
students in her charge would also be blessed.
CHELLE  has a love and knowledge of the gospel.
she has a personal relationship with the savior
and the desire and hope to instill
this same passion for truth
upon the youth is more than evident.

my sister
extended an opportunity to me
to create
(using gifts, talents, and resources of others)
a set of 
for seminary.
it was a great blessing to me.

each reference was created with purpose and reflection
in which i hope to write about one day.

today is her birthday.
i wish her the happiest of days.

i thank her for personally influencing and touching my life
and oh so many others
for good.
you rock this world
 MICHELLE  mebelle

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the slideshow was out to the music
wherever CHRIST is 
we are "HOME"
and when we have CHRIST
we are never alone

Monday, May 26, 2014


i look out my window...
the flag is posted and waving.
i reflect on the purpose of this day 
away from work.

a day to remember
those that have lived great
and have moved beyond their earthly home.

in a years time,
stephen garff marriott

maxine rice garff
are on my list of thoughtfulness.

this was the day
that i would meet grandma garff
at wasatch lawns
to place flowers on grandpa's headstone.
now she joins him
and as much as i wanted to honor her
and reminisce...
* i just wasn't quite ready.

rick golfed with friends
noah went to seven peaks
and i cleaned
like a madwoman
and there is still more to do

later we celebrated
grandma and grandpa
and we

mom and dad,
with great efforts and persistance on their part
made sure that grandma garff's headstone
was there on wasatch lawns
for this day of
photograph of Ray Hart

this video was presented
to me.
most fitting for the day of 


*on may 28, 2014,
on the return trip from heber city,
i stopped and had a moment
 kisses to my grandma garff
a moment for grandpa royal
and grandma marba,
another to breathe in the beauty of the surroundings...
expressions of love 
and hopes for forgiveness

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


was a constant.
chelle reserved the row of lounge chairs
at first dawn.
rest and relaxation
fun in the sun
catch up and laughs with the fam
pictutres and photos of everything
manicures, pedicures and easter toes
water to drink, water for play
poolside service...
i was fit to be queen
or at least
princess quite a lot.

with rick
enjoying the golf perks.
i had no one to discourage me
T. T. B. F. S.
(trying to be funny syndrome)
and i had my best audience...
my nephews. 
therapy for the soul

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richie and camille
found a home
still in PEORIA
to remodel
and move into...

as part of my spring break,
a home tour
had to be apart of the agenda.

this house is a home
because they
have made it so.

loved it !

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Monday, March 31, 2014


“in all the world ONLY ONE

jw marriott’s camelback inn
bears an imprint
upon entrance
to this little piece of paradise
“in all the world ONLY ONE

ONLY ONE camelback...
where time stands still.
there, a large clock 
with hands that never move
remind guests
to be present,
live in the moment,
do not let a minute slip away

and for one week...
time would do just that,
stand still.
 for moments in time
to be recorded.

one need not wonder,
the happenings
that unfold
while the clock is still...


treasures of all kinds
a reunion of sorts
birthday celebrations
being the highlight.
happy birthday uncle bill !
happy birthday debbie !
magicians, line dancing,
a barbecue and
daffodil cakes.
beginning at dusk,
it became the perfect setting for
one golden evening.

in the local church
there, a familiar face before me
belonging to one of my student’s mom
from a long time ago.
on this sabbath,
we are surrounded by the lovliness
of spring
and God’s great and wondrous creations

the POOL
swimming of course,
for rest and relaxation
orange freeze
orange freeze
orange freeze
and orange freeze
onion rings
homemade chips
smoothies of every flavor
creative nail art,
welcoming the embrace of the sun’s warmth.

lovely RITA'S
delicious food
puff pastry
and conversation with those held dear
and yet another
birthday celebration

fried chicken and golden waffles
for true southern cookin’
i hunkered down for 
cheese grits
and service with a smile
“what.?!?’ve never heard what does the fox say?”

the SPA
breathe in beauty
breathe our stress
breathe in sunshine
breathe out snow


allie's basketball game
at her brand new school
followed by
the home tour on
tonopah drive
and a delicious meal
by camille.

“but mom, do we have to bring her?”
for more mannequin madness

and to

pick on ridiculous aunt
while singing

for their burgers,

but the salmon salad
was divine.
for carrying my camera,
i left it charging
and so...
no pics !

sunsets, spectacular views,
a tapestry of wonders


paradise bakery

while the gents
off to priesthood session
for a spiritual feast.

GIFTING for souveniers

meetings and gatherings
a hunting we will go,
a hunting we will go
for treasure?
for gold?
for memories?
and do not be surprised
if you find one from previous years
faded candy wrappers
covered in dirt
and one golden egg
containing big bucks
and more birthday wishes

what do you do when time stands still ?